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Meaty Christmas.

2010-12-27 01:12:33 by PlasmaNuke

So, time to show off my Christmas swag.

I got some good shit this year: a jacket, a sweater, an extra blanket, etc. And a month earlier I got Halo Reach as an early gift. So far not too bad a haul, right?

Well, the big surprise came from my sister. She's an indie game developer, so she's got some connections. Turns out not too long ago, Dan Baranowski, the music composer for the new game Super Meat Boy, had a pretty big soundtrack release party, at which two-disc copies of the soundtrack (not available any place else) would be handed out. It just so happens that my sister showed up to the party, and acquired one, signed by Danny B, for me ( 8/snapshot3t.jpg ). I also got a Meat Boy t-shirt ( 6/snapshot4y.jpg ) and, of course, a copy of Super Meat Boy for the PC. Nice.

P.S. Danny B danced for my sister LOL

Meaty Christmas.