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Crystal Story Crystal Story

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Said it once, say it again

For some reason, my review was deleted even though I clearly provided constructive criticism. The abusive and useless buttons are not dislike buttons, people, they are for ABUSIVE and USELESS comments.... Can you believe it?

Now, onto the review. It's nice to see someone going back to our gaming roots and paring homage to the games that consumed most of our childhood. All of the elements of an RPG are here. It has the same familiar RPG gameplay that I love so much. But something's missing, something essential. Oh right! A good plot. Frankly, it's the same old boring cliche story told over and over again: Big castle, ancient magical artifact is stolen, you have to go out and take it back, etc. Plus, your laziness in storytelling shows in all the names of things and places (Evil Cave? Small Town? Crystal Story?). You can do better than that.

The rest of it such as gameplay, art and music are all fine. But RPG's need good stories. I just couldn't force myself to sit through it hoping maybe the story will pick up.

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